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Beach Box

Beach Box

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To stay hydrated during summer days, we necessarily should drink a lot, but drinking water only is not very pleasant...

We thought of you, and we created a great box for you to enjoy hot days with tasty and ice-cold drinks: BEACH BOX.

Every time you drink one of these brand new drinks created especially for Empire's friends, you will feel refreshed like never before.

The new drinks are :
1 - Cold Brew Coffee
2 - EMPIRE Iced latte
3 - Iced Mocha
4 - Dragon Berry (energizing drink with strawberry flavor)
5 - Passion Fruit (Refreshing drink with passion fruit flavor)
6 - Lemonade juice

When completing your order, you will have three choices:

Mixed drinks: Have them all! You can taste them all by choosing the first combination, you will receive two bottles of each

Cold drinks: If you don't like coffee, you can choose this combination to receive four bottles of each of Dragon berry, Passion fruit, and Lemonade Juice

Iced Coffee: If you want to combine both coffee and freshness, this combination is yours. You will get four bottles of each of Iced drip coffee, Iced Latte, and Iced Mocha.

You will make your summer more amazing by drinking these delicious drinks

12 bottles for a better summer with Empire…


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