The process for the espresso in Home

The process for the espresso in Home

Beans ; 20 grams
Ratio 1 : 2
Water Temperature = 90°F to 95°F

Step 1
Turn on your coffee machine and warm it up.

Step 2
Know what coffee origin u are using and its roasting date

Step 3
Set the temperature of your machine (90-95°f)

Step 4
Set the beans to an espresso fine grind

Step 5
Put the right dose of the grind coffee on the portafilter ( ideal dose 18g-21g of coffee)

Step 6
Weigh it using coffee scale

Step 7
spread the grind coffee using leveler to avoid channeling and dropping

Step 8
Tamp the grind coffee

Step 9
Clean the group head and Engage the portafilter in the group head

Step 10
Put the espresso cup, make sure it is clean

Step 11
Extract your coffee for about 30 secs. and to a 32-35 ml of water .

Step 12
swirl it and you can now taste and enjoy your good shot of espresso

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