How To Make Aeropress

How To Make Aeropress

Beans ; 14-18 grams
Ratio 1 ; 10
Water Temperature = 92°C to 93°C

Step 1
Grind size you can use the medium, medium fine or fine grind. The finer grind size the quicker will coffee to extract, a finer grind size bring juicier and fruitier

Step 2
Filter you can use metal or paper filter, if you use the metal filter you will see the oils from the coffee on your cup but on the paper filter it is a clean cup, very important to rinse the filter to removes the bad odors

Step 3
Install the top part on the bottom and wash them with water to remove any plankton

Step 4
Brew ratio is the weight of dry coffee and weight of water, usually they used 14-18grams of coffee for 250grams of water but it depends on your preferences.

Step 5
Agitation is stirring the water to speed extraction of coffee

Step 6
Brewing time the longer steeps the coffee into water will more compound to extract Attache the filter into chamber luck into clockwise

Step 7
Attach the filter, ensuring it locks into the grooves tightly

Steps 8 
Attach The cup and Position it atop your brew vessel and begin applying downward pressure 

 Step 9
Flip the whole coffee over with haste and control, you will experience about 30 pounds of resistance here, your coffee is fully brewed once it begins to make a hissing sound . this means there is no more water to push through the cup 

Step 10
pour your coffee and enjoy  

 Step 11
once you have unscrew the cap, you can pop the filter and remove the brewed coffee  

 Step 12
clean the equipment  

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