Refund policy

Refund and replacement
You can get a refund or return the order if you are dissatisfied within 14 days of receiving the order. We would also like to clarify that we cannot agree to requests for returns and exchanges if the allotted period of 14 days has passed. To be approved, your item must be in the original condition it was received.
Once we receive the returned goods, they will be examined and then an email sent to you explaining our acceptance or rejection of your request. In the event that your request is accepted, the amounts paid, whether by cash or by credit card method, will be returned within 14 days.
Delayed refunds
In case that you do not receive a notification of refund, we advise you wait until the passage of the mentioned period and then contact with your bank, and if you do not get an answer you can contact us through the email:
Order Cancellation
You can cancel your order by sending an email to that includes the order number and indicating the reason for communication, "cancel the request". Cancellation of the order is accepted if: The order been cancelled before the preparation and fulfillments for shipping the order or 15 minutes after the placing the order.
Damages & Defects
For the damaged and broken products, we contact the customer to replace it with other things or he can refund the payments within 30 working days if he paid by cash or Credit cards.
We offer warranties on Machinery, each machine comes with its own warranty. otherwise, we don’t offer warranties of coffee beans, capsules and mugs, for damaged products please review the clause above.